Innocent X

Etienne Bonhomme: drums
Cédric Leboeuf: guitar
Pierre Fruchard: guitar

Innocent X is a Paris-based trio comprised of two guitarists and a drummer. The group was formed in May of 2000 when Etienne Bonhomme and Pierre Fruchard (the both firework makers of the Nathalia M.King debut album) were offered a ‘carte blanche’ to perform as the opening act for Marc Ribot at the Trabendo in Paris. After three rehearsals with Cédric Leboeuf, Innocent X took the stage. The resulting improvisational experience sparked an instant chemistry amongst the band members and audience, sealing the band’s union.

After a year of concerts and ‘happenings’, Innocent X was noticed by Pierre Walfisz, the artistic manager at Label Bleu, who offered to release the band's first album, Haut/Bas (2002). The press greeted the record, citing influences such as Sonic Youth, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Mogwai, Slint and Labradford. A series of concerts, where the group supporting acts such as The Ex and The Silver Mount Zion, followed in 2003.

Innocent X has approached their second recording, Fugues, with the will to explore new territories. Recording in Amiens, France at Gil Evans Studio, the band has incorporated vocals for the first time, enlisting singer France Cartigny and sound poet Anne-James Chaton.